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Our fabrics are hand dyed which means they are not 100% colorfast and we use good quality dyes to make our job well. If you will bath your fabric BEFORE the stitching started, it will be possible that some colors will wash away. Not too much, but still please keep this in mind. We do not recommend washing your finished piece.
Currently we offer 100% linen fabrics for needlework in 28, 32, 36 and 40ct.
Yes for sure! It will be fun to find out what project you will stitch, what count do you need and what colors do you have in mind?
Organica line means that in the process of dying your fabric we used natural ingredients. The ancient technology of making colors from Nature is very well known today. We use only fresh pigments in all dye baths. Organically made fabric doesn't harm your stitchery. Just keep your artwork from direct sunlight and dust.
We ship from N.Y.C., USA
For quality and fast shipping we use Priority mail flat rate padded envelopes.
Our standart processing time is 14-26 business days
Yes, we offer wholesale for retail shops. Please inquire at
We do! If you are looking to see our fabrics in person, please contact your local needlework shop to have this opportunity at their location.
We are also available for classes.
Where can I see your fabrics? We made a calendar for this special occasions! If you would like to see our fabrics at your local shop, class or retreat, please contact the organizer of the event if they would be interested. You can also buy our fabrics from our website- less wait time until you see it in person :)